Mold-B-Gone Remediation is Atlanta, Georgia’s leader in mold remediation and property restoration services. With more than 5 years of proven success and thousands of homes per year, we have never failed a post remediation test. Mold-B-Gone Remediation is geographically located to respond to any mold problem in and around Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding states. A proven track record of superior response and unmatched results has made Mold-B-Gone Remediation the contractor of choice for mold remediation.

Our ongoing and continued training keeps Mold-B-Gone Remediation ahead of the competition along with the added security for our customers that they are hiring the very best in our business.

Mold-B-Gone Remediation uses only the safest products available for our mold removal projects. All of our products are safe for use around people and pets and being made from Eco-friendly renewable sources they are safe for the environment as well.

Mold-B-Gone Remediation is built upon the foundation of three basic principles: integrity, loyalty and commitment, to ourselves, to each other and to our customers.

Mold-B-Gone Remediation, LLC
1400 Market Place Blvd. Ste. 120
Cumming, GA 30041

Johnny Wells / Owner
CMI – Certified Mold Inspector
CMRC – Certified Mold Remediation Contractor
CMRSI – Certified Mold Remediation for Sensitized Individuals
Phone: 470-545-4467