Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial buildings have unique needs and concerns, including when it comes to mold remediation. At Mold-B-Gone, we offer precise mold remediation services that are tailored to the needs and concerns of commercial property owners. Our team is lead by experts with significant experience in assessing the presence of mold, determining the type, and thoroughly removing it.

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Common Areas of Mold Contamination in Commercial Buildings

    • Kitchens: Due to the high levels of moisture and heat, mold often grows in commercial kitchens.
    • HVAC Systems: Your ductwork and blowers make excellent surfaces for harboring mold.
    • Entryways: Due to the humid air being pulled in from outside, mold will often grow around entryways.
    • Trash Shoots and Dumpsters: Many items in your garbage are sources of moisture, and the shoots and dumpsters are rarely given the chance to fully dry.
    • Carpets and Rugs: Since moisture is often tracked in on shoes, during the rainy and snowy seasons, your carpets can stay wet long enough for mold to take hold.
    • Leaks: Commercial buildings often have a lot of pipes handling water and sewage. Even a small leak can create an environment perfect for mold growth.

Mold-B-Gone Commercial Mold Remediation

Over the years, the Mold-B-Gone team has eliminated mold contamination for thousands of clients. In all the work we’ve done, we’ve never once failed the post-test for mold presence after our remediation services have been rendered. As a company, we are deeply proud of the work we do and how it has helped our commercial clients offer safe spaces and reduce their liability.

Our Commercial Mold Remediation in Atlanta

Step One: Water Damage Mitigation

If water damage is contributing to your mold concerns, we start by addressing this. In this step of the process, we determine how severe the problem is, prep the space, and thoroughly dry it.

Step Two: Containment Source Removal

At this point, we isolate the effected areas or whichever space we suspect contains mold. Then, we test to verify if mold is present and, if so, what types. We then use negative pressure and remove the mold. Once finished, we complete the post-test to verify all traces of mold spores are gone.

Step Three: Control Transport Mechanisms

Once we are certain that all traces of mold have been eliminated, we address the parts of your building that can transport mold. This includes areas of air infiltration and the HVAC system.

Step Four: Decontamination and Reservoir Cleaning

Finally, we ensure decontamination of both soft and non-porous items. Then we complete our reservoir cleanings of the ceiling, crown molding, walls, baseboards, and floors.

If you suspect you have mold in your business, it is imperative that it is addressed. Contact Mold-B-Gone for commercial mold inspection in Atlanta. Call us at (470) 545-4467.