Indoor Air Quality Testing

When inside our homes or at our place of business, we want to feel safe. Part of this sense of security is knowing that the air we breathe is clean and healthy. But in most cases, it isn’t.

Harmful pollutants lurk inside our homes and businesses without us even realizing it. While most of us are aware of outdoor air pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that pollution levels are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outside.

If you are worried about your indoor air quality, Mold-B-Gone is here to help. We offer Atlanta mold testing that helps determine how stellar your indoor air quality is, and if there is mold present, deliver remediation services that fully remove it.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

The Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality

For most of us, the majority of our lives are spent indoors. And while we think of indoor spaces as ones of protection, those ceilings and walls that keep the elements out also keep certain pollutants in, allowing them to become far more concentrated than they ever would be outdoors.

Depending on the type of pollutants you are dealing with, the risks can be quite severe. These include:

    • Chronic respiratory infections
    • Worsening asthma and allergies
    • Sore and watery eyes
    • Burning sensations in the nose and throat
    • Frequent headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
    • A general sense of malaise
    • Heart disease
    • Cancer

Ultimately, your health matters, and protecting it is paramount. This means you must address indoor air quality.

How Indoor Air Quality Testing Protects You

Simply put, you cannot protect yourself against threats you do not know are there. Air quality testing determines the safety of the air inside your property. Once you either get the all-clear or find out what is present, you can act accordingly.

Mold-B-Gone Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our process starts by listening to your concerns and what signs or symptoms convinced you it was time to test your indoor air quality. It is important that our work is guided by you, as our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our indoor air quality testing uses OSHA, NIOSHA, and EPA procedures to deliver a comprehensive profile of your air. All of our instruments are carefully calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.

Mold and Moisture Testing

Mold and moisture testing measure the presence of mold and humidity in your air and compare the indoor levels to those outside. Depending on the readings, we will determine if remediation work is best for your health.

Mold and Moisture Inspections

Once we confirm the presence of mold and moisture and the type of mold, we inspect your property to determine how severe the case is. This requires additional readings that inform our plan of action. We can also assess your building for mold risk even if none is present yet.

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Environmental Consulting

In addition to our testing and inspections, the experts at Mold-B-Gone are also available for environmental consulting. As part of this process, we examine your properties to determine where your greatest risks lie and offer options for mitigation.

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