Mold Remediation Helps Mold Sensitized Woman Move Back In Home!

Mold Remediation Helps Mold Sensitized Woman Move Back In Home!

Mold Remediation Helps Mold Sensitized Woman Move Back In Home!

Mold B Gone has three main goals.

  1. To create awareness of mold, which we accomplish through this website and our blog.
  2. To service the needs of mold sensitized individuals.
  3. To offer our customers throughout Atlanta and other surrounding areas in Georgia and other states peace of mind with our service guarantee. We guarantee our work up to 25 years, depending on the mold prevention system: Mold Zap (1 years) or Mold Shield (25 years), that our customers choose. Both products are manufactured by American Mold Products.

Mold B Gone Specializes In Helping Mold Sensitized Customers!

One of the specialties of Mold B Gone is servicing mold sensitized individuals.

Our specialized training from Wonder Makers Environmental, enables us to effectively help our customers because we address the immediate mold concerns in a home, the spore deposition throughout the home and also the HVAC system.

We are experts in working with individuals that have been sickened from living in Water Damaged Buildings (WDB) and understand that this can cause Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Since we understand the health consequences caused by WDB, we empathize with our customers and take special care and precautions to ensure that the indoor environment is safe for our mold sensitized customers.

Mold Sensitized Testimonial

Mold B Gone has received several testimonials from our customers, including an interview with a mold sensitized customer whose health dramatically improved once their home was properly cleaned.

The testimonial below was sent to us by Gail Z, a customer that we worked with in Alabama, about 3 hours from our head office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gail was referred to us by Wonder Makers Environmental because she is mold sensitized and needed to work with a contractor that understands how to effectively remediate her home and properly clean up all the potential spore deposition.

Mold B Gone took on this project, removed the mold, addressed the spore deposition of all the home’s contents, and also advised her on the best method to clean up the HVAC system.

Today, Gail is back in her home, and this is what she had to say about our services:

Mold B Gone has been a blessing in big measure with their innovation and hard work in remediation.

Specifically Richard Baker, the Manager, has excellent leadership skills and has trained a very efficient and knowledgeable team of young men who did a superb job when they came to remediate my home in Alabama. He also is a very good communicator.

Mold B Gone did a large scale remediation in my house in spring of 2016 and traveled here to do it as well. Their “can do” attitude was very encouraging at EVERY interaction.

When problems arose, they were quick responders with a great attitude. In spite of being very busy and in great demand, their responsiveness and knowledge of the topic of mold remediation makes them stand out greatly. Service is an area that seems to lack greatly today.

In a field where the remediation industry does not seem to have caught up with new findings, discovery and research on mold, and its remediation, Johnny Wells, the owner of Mold B Gone has not only stayed on top of it but also has innovated in a manner that is consistent with a healthy understanding of the extent of care that needs to be exercised in remediation.

Mold B Gone has a patent and additional certification with higher standards of remediation for mold-ill and sensitized individuals that makes them stand out among their peers.

Mold B Gone not only has my respect but great commendation for their skill, their teamwork, their staying on top cutting edge technologies, and providing me with excellent and critical service in mold remediation.

Got Mold Questions?

If you have concerns about mold or the impact it is having on your health, please call 678-697-6267, or send us an e-mail. We look forward to serving you! 🙂