Top Fifteen Frequently Asked Questions About Mold and Health

Top Fifteen Frequently Asked Questions About Mold and Health

Top Fifteen Frequently Asked Questions About Mold and Health

Mold B Gone has been helping residents in the Atlanta metropolitan area and surrounding Georgia states with mold removal since 2009.

During this period we have encountered many questions about mold and the impact it can have on health.

Listed below are the top 15 questions we have encountered with links to articles that provide detailed answers.

#1 Why is Stachybotrys Mold A Health Concern?

You often hear about black mold in the media. Why is it such a big deal? Can black mold actually make you sick? This article explains why!

#2 Why Do Some People Get Sick From Mold And Others Do Not?

The challenge mold poses is that it impacts everyone differently. This article explains why!

#3 What Is The Link Between Mold and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Considering the similarity of symptoms between those suffering from ME/CFS and those suffering from CIRS, it is likely that many individuals diagnosed with ME/CFS may have been exposed to mycotoxins produced by mold growth. Learn more!

#4 Is Mold Sickness A Hidden Epidemic?

Since so many health professionals are not aware of the health problems mold causes, many mold advocates believe that it is a hidden epidemic. In short, you could be sick from mold and not even know it. Learn more!

#5 Does Mold Cause Sinus Infections?

Chronic sinusitis costs the health care system more than 8 billion dollars each year. The cause is most likely mold, meaning most of the treatments prescribed are not effective. Learn more!

#6 Could Some People Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Actually Be Suffering From Mold Sickness?

Dr. Rick Sponaugle of the Florida Detox & Wellness Institute strongly believes that environmental factors, such as mold, could be a cause of MS because mold toxins destroy the myelin sheath on brain neurons, causing the classic white spots seen in MS. Learn more!

#7 How Do I Know If Mold Is Making Me Sick?

Most people do not even know they are sick because of mold and or suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Learn more!

#8 Are Dead Mold Spores Harmful?

There is a lot of bad information on the internet. One of the most prevalent myths is that you can kill mold. This article explains why this is not a good idea and why it can impact your health. Learn more!

#9 Why Does Mold Cause Depression?

Doctor Ackerley believes there is a strong correlation between mold and brain health, particularly depression and suicide. Learn more!

#10 Does Mold Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

Recent research suggests that that biologic compounds such as mold have the potential to damage dopamine and cause Parkinson’s symptoms. Learn more!

#11 Why Is Mold A Health Concern?

Mold is nature’s recycler meaning it is designed to break down dead, organic material. Now, imagine, what happens when you have mold growing in your home. It is breaking down the material it is feeding on. Since we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors this creates a situation ripe for health issues. Learn more!

#12 Does Mold Remediation Improve Health?

Yes, it does, this article cites a case study.

#13 Does Mold Cause Asthma?

Four studies demonstrate a strong link between mold and asthma. Learn more!

#14 Does Mold Affect Pregnant Women and Infants?

This is a difficult topic to research, but there is some evidence that mold could have an impact. Learn more!

#15 Can Mold Poison Me?

There is evidence that toxins and poisons released by growing mold can harm one’s immune system and cause severe sickness. Learn more!

Got Mold and Health Questions?

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Our team of professionals looks forward to serving you.

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