How Fast Can Mold Grow After Water Damage?

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Mold Facts

If your house has experienced water damage, then there are a lot of issues that you might be facing right now. It can be time consuming and costly to repair siding, roofing, walls, appliances, and other items around your home.

However it can be even worse than that. If you don’t have a professional inspector at home for potential mold presence, then it can grow quite quickly after water damage occurs.

Mold loves damp, dark spots. So let’s talk about “how long does mold take to grow after water damage” and how to resolve the issue as soon as possible. That way you can restore your home to its natural beauty and avoid spending time and hassle dealing with this pesky fungus.

Why To Check For Mold After Water Damage

In this section, let’s talk about the dangers of house mold due to water damage and why it’s something that you shouldn’t play around with. There are several reasons that mold needs to be treated the second that you notice it.

Asthma and respiratory conditions

Mold mildew and fungi have spores. These spores get into the air. Once it circulates within the air inside your home, it can get into your lungs. If anyone in your family has asthma or another breathing condition, it can worsen their condition.

It can even cause severe illness or death. Even if you don’t already have some kind of allergies, it can still affect your respiratory system and cause pneumonia. This is one of the main reasons why mold should always be dealt with immediately.

Wall damage

From wallpaper to drywall to other types of materials, mold can be very damaging to your home. Ultimately, it rots and eats away at the materials in your home. This extends to carpets, wood floors, and other types of materials as well.

It’s much more costly to let mold run free than it is to fix it while it’s still small. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs and replacements are going to be. So call Mold-B-Gone today and get mold removed if you notice any signs of it.

Mold can spread

While you may only notice mold in a small part of your home, like the garage or bathroom, that doesn’t mean it will stay there. Mold is incredibly infectious. It can spread very rapidly, especially if there’s water damage.

Mold thrives off of moist environments. So as long as there is water within your home, it has a means to reproduce and spread to the rest of your home. Like with many things, prevention is better than cure.

That being said, now that you understand the dangers of letting mold run its course, let’s talk about how long it takes for mold to actually form if you have water damage in a building.

How Long After Water Damage Does Mold Grow?

The mold colonies and microorganisms can grow rapidly. In fact, it doesn’t even take several days or weeks for it to grow. Many times mold can begin growing and germinating in the first 24 to 48 hours after water damage.

Mold colonies grow quickly with each passing hour due to the level of moisture. If you wait past the initial 48 hours, it becomes exponentially more difficult to get rid of the mold.

So the answer to “how long for mold to grow after water damage” is “really fast.” That’s why calling a professional mold removal service should be your first priority.

How To Remove And Prevent Mold?

If you notice a musty smell, moisture, cracking, peeling, or discoloration, then you probably have mold. If that’s the case, then there are a few things that you can do while you’re waiting for the experts to arrive.

Use a dehumidifier

This helps dry out porous surfaces where the mold likes to fester. Replace plaster and insulation. Porous materials should be replaced since they’re probably already compromised.

Remove water soaked items

Anything that’s been soaked or damaged with water should be removed and replaced in the home.

Scrub surfaces with disinfectant

Your tile, wood, and other surfaces should be scrubbed thoroughly to remove traces of the small spores.

Ventilate the area

Close the windows and put a fan on high. The more clean air that comes through, the less moist the area will be.

How Soon Does Mold Grow After Water Damage – Summary

If you feel like you might have mold or you do see clear signs of mold in your home, then take action. Reach out to

The mold removal company in Atlanta can inspect your home and take the necessary precautions to remove any signs of this dangerous fungi. You and your family deserve to breathe clean air and not worry about mold hazards or damage anymore.

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